Ben Brackin Photography






About the Artist

Born in Rock Springs, Wyoming to ceramicist and painter, Utahna Hancock, Ben Brackin was surrounded by art from an early age. Thought it wasn't until getting his first camera at age 16 that he tried his hand at making his own art. He was first taught photography by his stepfather, photographer Bill Harper, and more recently at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, Washington. Since then it has been his passion to capture the world around him on film and digital image.

It is Brackin's passion to find new angles from with to view the scenery of everyday life and finding exploring new techniques with which to record it. He finds inspiration in aggrandizing the mundane trapping of everyday life and capturing the excitement of once in a life time events. Brackin is rarely without his camera, always seeking inspiration whether in the form of the play of light across an interesting piece of litter or chance encounters on the street between colorful strangers.

Brackin currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington where he shoots fine art and commercial photography, both film and digital, in the studio and in the field. He has photographed events for the Photographic Center Northwest, Arts West Arts Association, Artist Trust, and the MS Walk Seattle, and live bands including KMFDM, Stereo Total, the Load Levelers, and Leslie and the Lys. He also works in historic and alternative photographic media.

Brackin's work has appeared in the Seattle Sinner Magazine, and has been exhibited locally at Arts West and the Photographic Center Northwest.